Lynda James Carroll is a professional artist who's work spans Drawing, Painting and Photography. 

For years she painted primarily the sky exploring its multiple variants, which are endless. They have the same mesmerizing, meditative and soothing quality as the ocean. Many of them were conceptualized from above in a plane while trying to sooth the anxiety of flying. The scale of the paintings grew quite large, somewhat social/political and abstract. 

The documenting of the clouds through photography evolved to studies of the earthly landscape, through extensive travels to Mexico, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Europe, etc., and included close up and under the sea photos. Such an amazing world we live in!

To break out of the familiar and comfortable and reconnect with architectural studies Lynda began to do large scale black and white geometric, conceptual drawing  and photography to explore how we perceive information. 


Lynda James Carroll has an undergraduate degree from Johnson College in Vermont, and graduate degrees from Bank Street College and Parsons School of Design as well as a certificate in Landscape Design from the New York Botanical Gardens. Her studies have included Architecture at Columbia University and the University of Maryland and extended studies in Drawing and Painting at the Chicago Art Institute, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School.  Her photography studies were at the Maine Media Workshop and International Center for Photography in NY.

Simultaneous to her art practice she taught in the Wilton and Greenwich Public Schools in CT where she was also the K-12 Art and Music Lead Teacher. She spent a chapter as the Associate Curator of Education at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, CT and was the President of the Loft Artists Association for a number of years while a long-term practicing member.

Lynda Carroll is in Art collections from CT to Australia. Former Governor of CT, Dannel Malloy, a former CEO from ABC broadcasting, former president of Lever House Corporation and Board Member from the Museum of Modern Art and numerous others are patrons.

Lynda had been in many single person and group shows. See exhibition list. 

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